12 Things Effective Leaders Use Well

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April 01, 2017   |  

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12 Things Effective Leaders Use Well
  1. Time: The goal is to maximize productivity and minimize distractions.
  2. People: The goal is to maximize the potential of the entire team, even when they are comfortable with their current state.
  3. Money: Use money as a tool and not a weapon. Money as a tool is used as a device that aids in accomplishing a task. Money as a weapon is used in a way that harms.
  4. Pronouns: We, us, our, ours. Quickest way to notice the difference between a manager and a leader is their use of pronouns when describing the team.
  5. Meetings: Meetings are places where organizational values are lived out and evaluated as often as possible.
  6. Networks: Networks should be used to staff the leaders’ weaknesses and strengthen their ecosystem.
  7. Strategy: It’s important to use strategy to identify a destination, not inflate a destiny.
  8. Vision: Vision is used well when the leader ties the past, present, and future together without obstructing the pace of the organization in a negative way.
  9. Tough times: Rock bottom is not the worst position for an organization or a leader. Tough times produces something people rarely give it credit for producing–comfort during tough times. Experiencing tough times lets you know you can endure tough times.
  10. Momentum: The most abused gift in leadership. Momentum is a multiplier and a magnifier; it should be used to accelerate and leverage the organization. Leaders have to make sure all momentum becomes a trend in the organization and not a fade.
  11. Teams: Teams are important because they allow the leader to give power and authority away. Power doesn’t scale the way it use to, leaders have to take their power and distribute it out–in the form of teams.
  12. Transparency: Is your life a secret to the people you lead? Is your life any business to the people you lead? The transfer of who you are should be real talk and real time; meaning no faking and no delaying.The team you lead needs a peak into who you are, it tends to ensure no surprises in the organization.
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