7 Ways to Better Occupy Space in Your Leadership

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January 02, 2018   |  

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7 Ways to Better Occupy Space in Your Leadership

My iPhone has this alert that tells me “Storage Almost Full: you can manage your storage in settings”. Now, I have two options at this point: I can either delete some things or pay for some more capacity. I always decide to delete apps, pictures, videos, etc, so that I can increase my capacity. I understand that in order for me to add the most relevant, most useful things to my iPhone, I have to get rid of somethings I have grown accustomed to. Dealing with my iPhone I get it; as a leader I forget that in order for me to not become imbalanced with what I don’t need, I have to remove old things occupying space in my life and leadership.

Did you know that 1/3 of Los Angeles, CA is highway or parking space? Wow, how else could the second largest city in the country better occupy its space?! I have even better, more pertinent question…. how else can you and I use the occupied space we have? Rarely do we ever remove something off our plate when we add something to our plate. We think that busy and being overloaded is virtuous. It’s not virtue, it’s volume and ultimately vanity. Vanity means it has no eternal value; that means that you have things occupying your space that won’t produce anything that will live on after you are gone. Yes, it’s that serious—what you have to offer is that valuable! Back to my iPhone, I never take the second option to buy more storage, because I don’t enjoy the cost. In leadership it’s not either/or, though–we have to remove things and pay the cost for additional storage.

Below are 7 Ways to Better Occupy Space in Your Life.

1.) Minimize distractions: the secret sauce to productivity. The word “NO” is the best way to minimize distractions and best use space in your life.

2.) Increase the cost of disobedience: whatever rules, or boundaries you set for yourself—make the penalty severe for breaking those rules and boundaries.

3.) Technology blackouts: Remove all means of technology one day out of each week.

4.) Monthly goals: one of the best ways to increase small wins, gain momentum and create space in your life.

5.) Productive daydreaming: we have about 2,000 daydreams per day—when you drift off today, drift off to a place that can be brought back with you. (mental toughness is real)

6.) Take on and Take off strategy: whatever you say yes to and take onto your plate, take off something at the same time—if you can’t do this in real time, don’t take on whatever is being asked of you.

7.) Circuit days: In fitness a circuit is a form of body conditioning that is “one completion of all prescribed exercises in the program”. Create days where you accomplish everything in one circuit or day—leaving nothing for later in the the day or the day after.

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