10 Things Leadership is Not

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January 02, 2018   |  

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10 Things Leadership is Not
  1. Leadership is not taking all the credit: it’s about not caring who gets the credit and giving credit where credit is due.
  2. Leadership is not quiet: it’s about speaking up at the right time, in the right place, with the right force.
  3. Leadership is not loud: it’s about knowing that silence & listening fuels your leading.
  4. Leadership is not about power: it’s about tearing what power you have into little pieces and distributing it in the form of teams.
  5. Leadership is not about dominating: it’s about donating opportunities for someone else to develop, grow, and lead.
  6. Leadership is not about seniority: it’s about who will do it the best, not who should get the opportunity to do it first.
  7. Leadership is not about a title: it’s about contributing and leading no matter where you fall on the hierarchy chart.
  8. Leadership is not telling people what to do: it’s working alongside people and considering their perspective before going forward.
  9. Leadership is not blaming: it’s about ownership.
  10. Leadership is not for you if you don’t love people.
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