38 Thoughts for Young Leaders

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January 02, 2017   |  

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38 Thoughts for Young Leaders

Below are 38 thoughts for young leaders on the rise.

1) Expect naysayers, but don’t accept naysayers.

2) To ride a wave, you have to know how to read a wave…take your time, study, and then make your move.

3) Pursue your dreams, but don’t forget to live. Live spelled backwards is evil. It’s evil not to live while leading…work hard, play hard!!

4) Be prepared for these two things while leading: (1)Tiers of planning: irrational pursuit to make your vision come to reality. (2)Tears from emotions: emotional responses from your irrational pursuit.

5) A vision in motion stays in motion until we start listening to those without the courage to cast their own vision.

6) It can warm you & it can burn you, not a fire….but what you tell yourself about your leadership. Tell yourself something good today!!

7) It’s a trick, you don’t have to be an insomniac to be successful…get your rest.

8)     Your potential needs two things: inspiration & action.

9) Fear doesn’t like a fight; if you don’t fight it, it will destroy you.

10) Look to donate, not dominate with your leadership.

11) Become a stair master…there are no quick arrivals.

12) In game adjustments make for a good Quarterback. In flight adjustments make for a good Pilot. When things get off course, adjust. [Adjust: just add something new/different]

13) Trust this process; God x Hustle x Relationships. God:Simple acknowledgment; Hustle: Sacrificial action; Relationships: Sincere alliances.

14) Don’t get down on yourself; everything has a starting point, high point & a low point….you are right on schedule.

15) When you leave potential on the table in your leadership, you are leading by default & not by design…leave no potential on the table.

16) Happiness is an inside job; don’t contract the job to anyone or anything.

17) People can watch you hustle, but never let them see you sweat–keep it together publicly.

18) It’s the tiny steps, that no one sees that we have to master. Master the stairs, before you take on mountain tops.

19) Being other & not another is why we are here on this earth…be yourself.

20) There is only two ways to look at fear while leading : eyes above what you see and eyes above what you feel.

21) If it fires you up & doesn’t burn you out….stay there.

22) Don’t allow a fall to consume you, the goal is to stick the landing. It’s about how you land, not how you fall.

23) Try not to see people as hurdles; people are not hurdles on your leadership journey, they are helpers.

24) Strengthen strengths, weaken weaknesses.

25) You are looking for the right blend, not the right balance: balance speaks to an even distribution of everything in our life. A blend speaks to the right mix of all of the things going on.–Find the right mix for you.

26) Be so busy getting everything out of you that God gave you that you have no time to complain or compare.

27) Working hard & treating people right will always be in style.

28) Sometimes your greatest ability will be the ability to keep going…keep going!!

29) Side effects to being a leader: side eyes, side conversations, sideswipes, side trackers. You have a job to accomplish don’t worry about the people on the sidelines.

30) A misuse of time is a misuse of breath.

31) Perfection makes one leader happy in your life; the leader you pretend to be…die to perfection & pretending in your leadership.

32) Sometimes you will have to withdraw to recharge….unplug to power up!

33) Become okay with two things while leading (1) it being your time; when it’s your time: you spring forward. (2) Giving things time; giving things time: you fall back.

34) Investment comes to where investment is already taking place…invest in your leadership & you will be overwhelmed with help/support.

35) Don’t link your self worth to your net worth.

36) It’s not personal, it’s personnel…some people just can’t be on your team right now or ever….be okay with that.

37) Fight to Re-mind; Re-mind is the fight to kick bad, fear & resistance out of your mind so that you can lead better.

38) You don’t need more rest, money, or time…you need to be more grateful.

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