7 “Fictional” Characters Your Organization Can Do Without

02 January, 2018

All different types of people make up a community and your workplace is a community. A community, where Americans spend roughly 1,790 hours a year of their time. 1,790 hours a year is a huge time investment!! Especially in place with people who have the potential to drain you and your organization. Now, I know all work conditions aren’t ideal or perfect, but I do believe that “proper, people, placement, prevents, problems”. That being said, below are 7 “Fictional” Characters Your [...]

Leaders & Strategy

02 March, 2017

What you like to squeeze more value out of your leadership in 2021? What is Strategy? Strategy is executive produced plans to get to your goals. What are executive produced plans and how do you approach this? Executive produced plans is extreme oversight of your plans that will ensure that your strategy is executed. Great strategy involves 4 things. 1. Mission: it’s direction, not intention that leads to the execution of strategy. 2. Money: if it’s not economic, it’s not strate [...]

38 Thoughts for Young Leaders

02 January, 2017

Below are 38 thoughts for young leaders on the rise. 1) Expect naysayers, but don’t accept naysayers. 2) To ride a wave, you have to know how to read a wave...take your time, study, and then make your move. 3) Pursue your dreams, but don’t forget to live. Live spelled backwards is evil. It’s evil not to live while leading...work hard, play hard!! 4) Be prepared for these two things while leading: (1)Tiers of planning: irrational pursuit to make your vision come to reality. (2)Tears [...]