7 “Fictional” Characters Your Organization Can Do Without

02 January, 2018

All different types of people make up a community and your workplace is a community. A community, where Americans spend roughly 1,790 hours a year of their time. 1,790 hours a year is a huge time investment!! Especially in place with people who have the potential to drain you and your organization. Now, I know all work conditions aren’t ideal or perfect, but I do believe that “proper, people, placement, prevents, problems”. That being said, below are 7 “Fictional” Characters Your Orga [...]

Speed of a Leader

02 March, 2017

In a good way, in American Football--speed kills. In the most horrific way, on our roads--speed kills. In a silent way, in the life of a leader--speed kills leaders, organizations, and success. Leaders speed for a variety of reasons; there is always a task to be completed and some potential to be swiped off the table. Often times speeding is seen as virtuous for a leader. Having a sense of urgency is a valuable and a needed characteristic for many job functions. Despite what we believe [...]

Boomers, Millennials, & Legitimacy

02 January, 2017

The idea of legitimacy is such a silent killer in leadership. Legitimacy issues somehow are always linked to equity. Think about the transfer that's taking place in America's workforce right now. Millennials/ young professionals will be almost 50% of the workforce in 2020, on the flip side everyday for the next 20 years, a Baby Boomer will turn 65. This transfer of power has caused generational divides everywhere where an experienced professional is leading and a young professional is knocking a [...]