Leadership Laws for Your 2019

01 January, 2019

Accountability is crucial: Conversation. Documentation. Escalation. Allow processes & procedures to lead you:when there is no process you will blame a personality and that's not leadership. Sit in PoSITivity. Super Vision > Supervisors Goal Setting > Goal Settling Roll Model > Role Model: your ability to relate, adapt, & be agile will be much more important that sticking to the role that you were hired for. CouRAGE is the requirement for accomplishing goal [...]

7 Ways to Better Occupy Space in Your Leadership

02 January, 2018

My iPhone has this alert that tells me “Storage Almost Full: you can manage your storage in settings”. Now, I have two options at this point: I can either delete some things or pay for some more capacity. I always decide to delete apps, pictures, videos, etc, so that I can increase my capacity. I understand that in order for me to add the most relevant, most useful things to my iPhone, I have to get rid of somethings I have grown accustomed to. Dealing with my iPhone I get it; as a leader I [...]

7 “Fictional” Characters Your Organization Can Do Without

02 January, 2018

All different types of people make up a community and your workplace is a community. A community, where Americans spend roughly 1,790 hours a year of their time. 1,790 hours a year is a huge time investment!! Especially in place with people who have the potential to drain you and your organization. Now, I know all work conditions aren’t ideal or perfect, but I do believe that “proper, people, placement, prevents, problems”. That being said, below are 7 “Fictional” Characters Your Orga [...]

Leaders & Vision

02 January, 2018

From professional failures: 60 percent of NBA players file for bankruptcy within 5 years of leaving the league. To personal hang ups: nearly 50% of smokers who’ve had surgery for early stage lung cancer go back to smoking in just a year. We struggle with planning for what’s next in our lives. "The reality is how we live today is completely shaped by what we believe about our future.” -Tim Keller. In leadership what a leader believes about their future should translate into visio [...]

12 Things Effective Leaders Use Well

01 April, 2017

Time: The goal is to maximize productivity and minimize distractions. People: The goal is to maximize the potential of the entire team, even when they are comfortable with their current state. Money: Use money as a tool and not a weapon. Money as a tool is used as a device that aids in accomplishing a task. Money as a weapon is used in a way that harms. Pronouns: We, us, our, ours. Quickest way to notice the difference between a manager and a leader is their use of pronouns when [...]

Speed of a Leader

02 March, 2017

In a good way, in American Football--speed kills. In the most horrific way, on our roads--speed kills. In a silent way, in the life of a leader--speed kills leaders, organizations, and success. Leaders speed for a variety of reasons; there is always a task to be completed and some potential to be swiped off the table. Often times speeding is seen as virtuous for a leader. Having a sense of urgency is a valuable and a needed characteristic for many job functions. Despite what we believe [...]