Leadership Laws for Your 2021

01 January, 2019

Accountability is crucial: Conversation. Documentation. Escalation. Allow processes & procedures to lead you:when there is no process you will blame a personality and that's not leadership. Sit in PoSITivity. Super Vision > Supervisors Goal Setting > Goal Settling Roll Model > Role Model: your ability to relate, adapt, & be agile will be much more important that sticking to the role that you were hired for. CouRAGE is the requirement for accomplishing goals:& [...]

10 Things Leadership is Not

02 January, 2018

Leadership is not taking all the credit: it's about not caring who gets the credit and giving credit where credit is due. Leadership is not quiet: it's about speaking up at the right time, in the right place, with the right force. Leadership is not loud: it's about knowing that silence & listening fuels your leading. Leadership is not about power: it's about tearing what power you have into little pieces and distributing it in the form of teams. Leadership is not about dominating: [...]

7 “Fictional” Characters Your Organization Can Do Without

02 January, 2018

All different types of people make up a community and your workplace is a community. A community, where Americans spend roughly 1,790 hours a year of their time. 1,790 hours a year is a huge time investment!! Especially in place with people who have the potential to drain you and your organization. Now, I know all work conditions aren’t ideal or perfect, but I do believe that “proper, people, placement, prevents, problems”. That being said, below are 7 “Fictional” Characters Your [...]

Leaders & Vision

02 January, 2018

From professional failures: 60 percent of NBA players file for bankruptcy within 5 years of leaving the league. To personal hang ups: nearly 50% of smokers who’ve had surgery for early stage lung cancer go back to smoking in just a year. We struggle with planning for what’s next in our lives. "The reality is how we live today is completely shaped by what we believe about our future.” -Tim Keller. In leadership what a leader believes about their future should translate into vision. No [...]

5 Acts Leaders Do That Create Silence in Leadership

01 April, 2017

There is phrase out there that says, "silence in violence". I couldn't agree more, particularly in organizational leadership. If there is silence within your team, that's what you should be listening to, silence speaks volumes in leadership. It’s the silence that enables the entire team to avert their eyes to what’s really wrong with team, the organization or with leadership. If there is silence within your team or team meetings; the silence is not the issue, trust is the issue. As the l [...]

Leaders & Strategy

02 March, 2017

What you like to squeeze more value out of your leadership in 2021? What is Strategy? Strategy is executive produced plans to get to your goals. What are executive produced plans and how do you approach this? Executive produced plans is extreme oversight of your plans that will ensure that your strategy is executed. Great strategy involves 4 things. 1. Mission: it’s direction, not intention that leads to the execution of strategy. 2. Money: if it’s not economic, it’s not strate [...]