Leadership Laws for Your 2021

By Tim Jones   |  

January 01, 2019   |  

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Leadership Laws for Your 2021
  1. Accountability is crucial: Conversation. Documentation. Escalation.
  2. Allow processes & procedures to lead you:when there is no process you will blame a personality and that’s not leadership.
  3. Sit in PoSITivity.
  4. Super Vision > Supervisors
  5. Goal Setting > Goal Settling
  6. Roll Model > Role Model: your ability to relate, adapt, & be agile will be much more important that sticking to the role that you were hired for.
  7. CouRAGE is the requirement for accomplishing goals: Ready And Getting Everything.
  8. Don’t enter ANY relationship without expectations.
  9. Your use of pronouns will kill your leadership influence: “my” team, “my” office, “I” will get it done, etc.
  10. Manage your energy and emotions…they are no one else’s responsibility.
  11. Address distractors/distractions to your progression & goals.
  12. No more tricks: You are enough.
  13. No more faking: You are who your are.
  14. No more hiding: Your are the person for the job/task.
  15. Feedback that fuels your leadership & doesn’t feud with your leadership is what you want…be careful of your feedback loops.
  16. Transparency and contrition: one can’t happen before the other & both are necessary for organizational leadership & failures in organizational leadership.
  17. Place a higher value on your potential.
  18. There is no shame in starting over.
  19. That thing that you don’t feel like doing–do it for your future self.
  20. Leave No Potential On The Table.
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